Our promise to you!

Building a business tool is easy. Building a business tool that makes sense for the people doing the business and giving them great business value becomes even harder. And giving them a likable and easy to use tool that promotes adoption amongst the users giving the organization accessible structural data is becoming a tad impossible. So we took the challenge!

To invest in a business tool for you, your team or your organization is therefore really hard. There are so many things to consider. And the requirements of the different stakeholders differ greatly. That is why, when we built Cowork it™, we didn’t just want to build a product that was easy to use and giving great business value, we also built a product that was easy to buy!

Easy to use - Great business value - Easy to buy

What we deliver

Cowork it™ is a web based platform that will run on any device. On this platform we can build up the specific needs of your company or organization. No matter if you are a small start-up just wanting to have access to all your documents and dialogues.

Or you are a multi national organization wanting to connect to your other business critical systems. Cowork it™ contains the basic components needed. And if you need more specific functionality, let one of our partners build them for you.

Personal engagement

We built Cowork it™ for 'you'. We wanted a business tool that would make sense. So we took the best user experience from consumer products and put them into Cowork it™.

Employee engagement

Give your employees or team easy access to the information they need.
Let them interact and contribute. Watch your business excel!

Customer engagement

Invite your customers and get them closer to where the action is. Watch your deliveries and customer response improve. Better yet, let your customers experience it.


Invite your partners and suppliers and get them closer to where the action is. With less effort, you can now manage a more complex offer. Time to grow?

Features & Benefits

The math behind our solution

We help companies release up to 40% of the forces (read cost) that is preventing them from growing. And thus convert this to create up to 20% more efficiency.

Great business value that just makes sense

A few customers


Jakob A Wester, Founder of Agentia Free Agent Network AB

"We take on the agent role in the recruiting and staffing industry by offering individual contractors (Free Agents), help with Sales, Matching and Learning. Cowork it™ enables a scalable roll-out of our virtual network organization."


Lars Staf, Serviceföretaget PIMA AB

"We specialize in ensuring cleanliness in critical environments within the Life Science and Food Industry. All our employees, must have access to their instructions and procedures. Cowork it™ enables us to effectively deploy our operational system out in the field."


Innometrics AB

"Cowork it™ helped us create a secure delivery platform where we combine files and dialogues in private places for our different target groups within one of Sweden's largest banks.

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