It's about being in the know

Doing great business stems from making good decisions. Thus, you need access to the right people and relevant up-to-date business data - no matter where you are or when you need it.

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Put things into context

Cowork it™ placeCowork it™ helps you put files and dialogues into context so you can keep track of who-said/did-what. Your chosen business data is then easy to collaborate with. Finding and sharing data also becomes effortless. But most importantly, as it all will be in context it will be easier to make sense of your data leaving you more time to actually doing good business. Case studies show that by minimizing the 'get-up-to-date' time for team members in a project the business efficiency can improved with up to 40%. This is because you and your team can put more focus on the actual business and less time searching, administrating or figuring things out.

Organize according to user needs

It has also been seen that online document collaboration such as dropbox, Google docs and Office 365, have improved how we produce relevant and up-to-date business information. However, the collaboration part (distributing, getting feedback and handling access rights) is still a challenge for most. This is what Cowork it™ does well. Cowork it™ combines the power of the online document tool of your choice with our easy-to-use collaboration platform.

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Powerful features

Cowork it™ dashboard

Our dashboard is such a relief thanks to the way we can categorize for users. You only see the places that are relevant to you. And any action in any of the places will notify you at the top of the list.

Cowork it™ tags and filters
Tags & filtering

Combine the Cowork it™ tagging system with the viewing filters and your users can easily access the contribution of others. Watch your people grow!

Cowork it™ place
Adaptable places

Places are private areas where you decide who gets access. Each place can have its own purpose such as: community, project, customer area or public to the whole organization. Or it can be private only for you.

Cowork it™ file repository
File repositories

Combining Cowork it™ with the most powerful file repositories will lift your online document collaboration to the next level. How we collaborate with documents and data is as important as how we collaborate in them.

Build what you need

Internal collaboration

Create places and invite your employees. Have open places for more social and culture enhancing activities, or create private or process specific places to give a project that extra edge.

External collaboration

Invite your partners, suppliers or customers and get them closer to where the action is. With less effort, you can now manage a more complex offer. Time to grow?.


Invite your customers and get them closer to where the action is. Watch your deliveries and customer response improve. Better yet, let your customers experience it.


Give your employees, customers or partners easy access to the information they need. Let them interact and contribute. Most importantly, let them experience quality updated information at all times.

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